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The Shuster Project

Tobacco Industry Fraud & False Claims Issues

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In September of 2000, "The Shuster Project" was extremely pleased and honored to be the recipient of the prestigious ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE AWARD, bestowed upon us by the academia professionals from STUDYWEB.COM

As a result of this prestigious Award, "The Shuster Project" web site content is now certified as being applicable for the curriculum in Grades 12+ in the subjects of HISTORY and SOCIAL STUDIES in and for the topics of CRIMINAL JUSTICE and WHITE COLLAR CRIMES!

We encourage the students, parents and teachers who access this web site across the United States, including the schools from Canada, Europe and the many other countries that are accessing this Award-winning web site, to write and/or call your local Board's of Education and insist that they include the Award-winning "The Shuster Project" web site content into their school's curriculum, via their school's computer systems, thereby enhancing their student's studies in these relevent classes.

In addition, these local and State Boards of Education can also take advantage of our "PUBLIC SPEAKER PROGRAM," listed below, and bring into their schools the actual Executive Director of "The Shuster Project," relative to geographic location and scheduling, thereby giving the students direct access to this Award-winning Organization.

"The Shuster Project" is pleased to present our
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Project Mission

1.)    To expose, for the first time ever, NON-health related Tobacco Industry Fraud and False Claims issues, including fraudulent policies, practices and procedures of the tobacco companies.

2.)    To contact Organizations (local, state and national) whose memberships are adversely affected by the fraudulent policies, practices and procedures of the Tobacco Industry.

3.)    To provide victimized businesses, both retail and wholesale, a resource to contact in order to address tobacco company employee embezzlement and theft of tobacco product inventories from Retail and Wholesale outlets.

4.)    To eventually provide a moderated chat room in order to discuss with the General Public, businesses and the Media any current content of "The Shuster Project" web site.

5.)    To notify the Media (Newspapers, Radio & Television) in all 50 states and International Media, via Press Releases, of new content added to "The Shuster Project" web site on a regular basis.

6.)    To provide a “Grassroots Effort” and a “Media Alert” program to enlist and assist the General Public to provide their local Media outlets, via emails, with the web site address of "The Shuster Project." This will insure historic news coverage of these never-before-revealed Tobacco Industry Fraud and False Claims issues in their local area.

7.)    To contact the Attorneys General of all the 50 states, empowering them in a measured approach, with the details of an incredible array of fraudulent Tobacco Industry policies, practices and procedures which, for decades, has denied all 50 states Tax revenues and Income Streams totaling Billions of dollars annually.

8.)    To introduce legislative initiatives (one pending passage in Connecticut – HB6942) which, once enacted, will assist ALL of the 50 states to make “corrections” to the fraudulent policies, practices, procedures and false claims of the tobacco companies. The results will be “new” and “renewable” Income Streams and restored state and Federal income and state sales Tax revenues.

Project Profile

-       The Shuster Project was launched on May 14th, 1999.

-       By the use of as many Tobacco Company forms, guides and documents as possible, we will be exposing an incredible array of fraudulent Tobacco Industry policies, practices, procedures and false claims.

-       Robert X. Shuster has 17+ years of experience within the Tobacco Industry.

-      We have a dedicated & super volunteer staff of over a dozen people here in Connecticut and across the country, with more joining as we continue to grow.

-       Two top-notch law firms in Connecticut have been involved with The Shuster Project. One specializing in Tax law, the other specializing in Legislative issues and matters of law.

-       New content is added to The Shuster Project web site, in a measured approach, approx. every 6 – 8 weeks.

-       "The Shuster Project" will also introduce many social programs to the benefit of the town of Naugatuck, Ct., the state of Connecticut and outside of Connecticut.

If you accessed this site using AOL, please REFRESH the pages each visit!

Our "Request" goes out for GRASSROOTS SUPPORT from ALL of you!

We, at "The Shuster Project," are pleased to announce that we are now at the stage where we are ready to offer up our first BOOK for publication ... and we NEED your help!

As you will easily realize when you review "The Shuster Project" web site, there is NO OTHER DOCUMENTATION such as ours that BLOWS the lid off of tobacco industry fraud and false claims crimes ... PERIOD!

As such, we already anticipate encountering the "fears" and "biases" that come along with getting such a controversial book into publication for the American Public.

It has taken a little over TEN YEARS to get this documentation to such an organized status and the time is NOW to get it in front of the American Public!

When you check out the "CORRESPONDENCE" pages and the "PRESS RELEASE" pages, alone, you will immediately see who, in "Government" and at "Justice," at the State and Federal levels, continues to attempt to cover-up their total absence of action by NOT addressing these significant crimes and the awesome and enormous sums of defrauded State and Federal revenues involved ... including HUNDREDS of municipalities, who have also taken sizeable hits to their revenue streams by the tobacco companies.

Once you have taken the time to review "The Shuster Project" web site in earnest, and in it's entirety, and if you feel, as a grammar school, high school or university student, parent, teacher or professor, that a book/textbook on these issues would more fully supplement and more fully enhance your knowledge on these startling, significant, current and relevent issues, the complete subject matter and all supporting materials of which would be presented to you for the very first time anywhere, in their entirety, given the many exurpts that you are finding here, that you should feel free, and with our blessings, to write to any credible publisher(s) of your choosing and indicate your feelings to them that our book should be published by them and that they should contact us, immediately, in order to begin that process.

The staff and supporters of "The Shuster Project" readily admit that we can use all of the GRASSROOTS SUPPORT that we can get in order to realize the publication of our authenticated book on this subject matter and we are grateful to ALL of you that choose to assist us.

We, at "The Shuster Project," are totally committed and dedicated, on your behalf, to realizing the publication of our first book by the end of the year 2004 - into 2005 and we are absolutely confident that with your help and support and the help of our dedicated GRASSROOTS SUPPORTERS, we WILL succeed!

Enough said ... now, on to the rest of the Award-winning "The Shuster Project" web site content ...

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