Choosing a Duct Cleaner and the Appropriate Method of Use For Your Needs

air duct cleaning

When looking at cleaning products for air ducts, you will find that air duct cleaners contain abrasives, alkaline solutions, filters, detergents, ionizers, bleaches, and other chemicals. When applying these cleaners to the duct work, you have to be aware of what is contained in the product.

Many of the industrial-grade air duct cleaners are made with carbon, polyester, nylon, cloth, or an organic material. The same chemicals used to clean up asphalt shingles can get through a duct line.

Although chemicals used in cleaning products may be inert, they actually release free radicals into the environment. These will cause damage to the ozone layer and can accelerate the aging process. Free radicals can also shorten the life of materials by oxidizing them.

Smoking affects your immune system and can cause respiratory problems. Cigarette smoke contains many chemicals that can be dangerous to breathe. If you smoke, then you should always keep your duct work clear of smokers’ clothing and personal items.

It is best not to allow people who smoke to work in close proximity to where you live. You should also avoid smoking around the ducts where you want your duct cleaning to take place. You also want to remove any combustible items from the room where you will be performing your duct cleaning.

Nicotine stains are very difficult to remove. To get rid of cigarette smoke stains on the duct work, you must use one of two methods. You can either blot the stain or pour bleach onto the area. Blotting will result in a white or grayish white coat over the surface.

Using bleach will remove the stain and leave the surface clear of color. You will then have to repeat the process for each section of duct work. Do not pour bleach into your tank until you have completely covered the entire duct system.

Home air conditioning systems work differently. We dehumidify the system by removing moisture from the air. In addition, we replace the water content in the humidifier with a substitute such as deionized water. This will restore the water balance in the air.

A humidifier will run your system much more efficiently. When you use a humidifier, it will replace moisture and restore the balance of moisture in the air. It will improve air quality, eliminate mildew, and help reduce your utility bills.

Home air conditioning systems are usually expensive, and when you try to do large home improvement projects around the house, you can end up with a lot of excess duct work. When you replace your humidifier with a larger unit, you will have a greater number of air vents around the house. A larger variety of air vents can lead to a more efficient cooling system.

A duct cleaner will eliminate the need for duct cleaning every six months. All you need to do is inspect the duct work to make sure the air flow is running in the direction you want it.

You should also ask service technicians at Air Cleaning USA if there is tobacco smoke in the duct work. If so, you may need to spray the ducts with a dehumidifier solution. Air duct cleaners that contain no smoke are available to purchase online.

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