Quit Smoking For Good Through Hypnosis Houston

girl breaking cigarette in halfThe mind is so powerful it can be conditioned to quit any incessant habit like smoking. Individuals who have been struggling for years to quit smoking might find hypnosis to be the solution they have been looking for.

There are more than 30 million smokers in America and the numbers keep getting higher every year. Out of these numbers, 16 million suffer from smoking-related diseases. Cancer, stroke, aortic aneurysm, cataracts, and diabetes are but a few of the reasons many choose to quit smoking. The problem is, it is not an easy feat. And just like any addiction, this is a habit that has a high rate of recurrence.

Traditional vs alternative methods to quit smoking

Hypnosis can be an effective alternative versus the traditional way of quitting the habit. It is able to deal with the emotional and psychological dependency of the user, which in the long run makes quitting the habit more permanent. Each customized hypnotherapy session helps a client visualize a better way of life without cigarettes. Hypnotherapy provides a more pleasant and lasting approach to quitting.

Traditional ways to quit smoking include nicotine replacement therapies, relaxation techniques, counseling, exercise, diet changes, herbal medications, acupuncture, and now even downloadable apps to track one’s progress. The problem with these solutions is that it only breaks the habit and not the addiction.

However, smoking addiction is more than just a physical problem; it can also be a psychological dependence. The body is addicted to the nicotine while the mind is addicted to the feeling of ‘high’ that smoking gives.

Smokers believe that cigarette relaxes them. However, the relaxing feeling is only caused by the nicotine. Nicotine triggers the brain to release a chemical called dopamine which triggers pleasurable feelings. This feeling however, is only very short and temporary. As a bad trade off, the nicotine raises the user’s blood pressure and heart rate. Eventually, the body will require higher levels of nicotine in order for the dopamine to be triggered.

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking

Hypnosis is a form of communication to tap the subconscious state. It is generally perceive as being unconscious or in a state of trance, but in reality, all senses are awake and alert. The mind is made to completely relax, making it more open to evocations such as quitting the habit of smoking.

During smoking cessation sessions, the patient’s subconscious mind is fed information on the bad effects of smoking. Specialists can also connect smoking to things the patient’s senses might repulse such as the smell of the smoke of an engine truck. On a more positive approach, the patient can also be made to visualize life without smoking – the amount of money that can be saved, health benefits, and looking better and healthier.

While hypnosis has been proven to be very helpful to kick the smoking habit according to several studies, it is not a guaranteed solution for every smoker. This method works for the majority but not for all. It is however, a method worth trying, especially if psychological dependency seems to be the issue and all other traditional methods have already been exhausted.

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